The shipments are made in 1-2 working days and it usually takes 2-3 working days to arrive

MINIMUM ORDERS OF 20 EUROS (not counting shipping costs)

1.-What payment method is accepted?

-Cash on delivery
-Deposit/Bank Transfer
-Paypal/debit/Credit card

-Cash on delivery
This form of payment is not available for all orders, there are items that are not sent against-refund, usually are marked with the notice represented by this image:

We do not accept reimbursement for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, nor for international shipments

Service valid only for Spanish territory (peninsular and Balearic Islands).

-Deposit in Account/bank transfer.

Once we check your order and confirm the total including shipping costs, we will provide the account number of our bank so you can make the deposit or transfer. We work with LA CAIXA. When you make the income or transfer it is important that you figure order number. Within 5 business days of having notified you the account number will automatically cancel your order if you have not received the payment.

-Paypal/debit/Credit card
We accept payments by PayPal, and do not charge any commission for using this service, with PayPal can be paid by CREDIT/DEBIT CARD. Paypal is an On-Line payment service that you can use for your purchases on the web in a safe, simple and fast way. + Read more about Paypal.

3.0-Ways of sending at both national and international level:

We work with EMAILS so all shipments are made through them. We always send the certified orders, it is safer for you and for us because we can both keep track of the shipment by means of the certificate number through the shipping LOCATOR option on the page. It is the only way to guarantee the shipment and to be able to claim it, if it were the case of loss or loss. Shipments usually take 2-3 working days from the time they leave until they take you home or leave the notice to pick you up at your nearest post office.

Both for domestic and international shipments, we send through emails

Shipping costs at the national level:

6.95 euros


For orders of more than 180 euros excluding shipping costs, the shipment is free *

If the shipping is against reimbursement to the shipping costs will have to add a fee that collects emails and the page calculates automatically when you choose the method of payment indicated

Shipping costs at the international level, depends on the country and weight (consult).

4.-When send the order, we know?

If, whenever we have an E-Mail of yours that works we will communicate the sending of your order (of there is the importance of giving an Email/phone valid, only use them to contact with you, for your tranquility Leete the Privacy policy). We send an Email avisándote the same day that the shipment occurs.

5.-Will you bring the package home or do I have to go to the post office to pick it up?:

You will be delivered to the nearest post office at the address indicated on the order. Not in your home, unless the package is light weight, in that case if you usually take the mailman to your home. IF the package is open/broken, before picking it up, please contact us, could come the defective item and before we would have to put us in contact with emails to review in what situation is the shipment, if you pick up a package that comes open, We are not responsible for the content or its state. If the mailman takes the package to your home and goes in those conditions, say you're going to pick it up at the office, we'll talk to emails and once checked, we'll let you know so you can pick it up with all the guarantees

6.0-How to follow the order?

We advise you to follow your order so that the delivery can be carried out without any problems.
To do this, please contact us and we will provide you with the number of your order sent.

With that shipping number you can follow up on

* The offer of free shipping costs from 180 euros is valid for the Spanish State (Peninsula and Islands).